Plastic Containers

Blow Moulded Containers

BGOC’s manufacturing capabilities allow its customers to access the most technologically advanced manufacturing practices. We offer a wide range of Moulded products specifically for the Cosmetic, Food, Bio Pharmacy, Pesticide, Industrial and personal care industry. Converting the ideas to reality is BGOC’s forte.

Injection Moulded Containers

Sai Baba Polymer Technologies Pvt Ltd is major player in the rigid plastic packaging industry. We are renowned manufacturers of plastic containers, Plastic paint buckets and other storage containers from High and low density polythene (PE), Polypropylene (PP),PET, etc. in sizes from around 500ml to 25 liters.

We are the market leaders for being able to provide unique shape, size, material or closure; we have experience and expertise to take your ideas from the drawing board to production line. With a trend towards ever short product life cycles, its becoming increasingly important for companies to react and change with speed and creativity.

Pails are available in KG packing also, filled and sealed pails may be stacked one above the other and can be transported. The company offers a range of plastic products. Our core competency is supported and nurtured by a technically sound professional team having expertise in engineering and polymer technology.

SBPT took the initiative and proved the usage of advanced design tools and high quality polymers. Being an integrated converter, SBPT can quickly react to the customer’s requirements and develop products that give its customers an advantage over its competitors. With latest decoration techniques available, we have a whole range of post moulding variety to suit your tastes.