Fuel Stations

  • Srinivasa Service Station Hyderabad
  • Supraja Service Station Gas Hyderabad
  • Sri Saiveera Service Station Hyderabad
  • Prabhu Service Station Hyderabad

BABA Group


BABA Group of Companies as such has got the best & cheapest variant for its Logistics mobilization. Unlike many companies, our endeavour had been to earn on our basic products and not through logistics.

In this pursuit, we started acquiring our own fleet of Vehicles to enable cut the unwanted cost escalations in transportation and also to meet the timely schedules.

BGOC have more than 50 Fleet of Standard Trucks, which are well maintained, and up to the mark in terms of our requirements. Not only that, but even the Drivers, Cleaners & Maintenance Staff are also our Permanent Employees.

This enabled us to concentrate and support our CORE business areas without any hindrance.

Hence, BABA Group of Companies can confidently assure all its Customers that, this Advantage of Low Overheads on Logistics is 100% passed on to the Customer.

BABA Group