As a part of IT Policy and prevent security breaches; all the systems and laptops are provided to the team members with password protection and the server back-ups are taken on a daily basis to safe guard the company data.

In case an individual - he or she forgets the password for her laptop or system they need to speak to the network administrator and get a new password. Network administrator under the guidance of IT Team will maintain a list of systems and the passwords as backup. Incase of emergencies they can override the protocol.

Company uses FOCUS package for the billing and accounting purpose; access is given to the concerned people to use or generate the data but they cannot modify / change / cancel. Modifications can only be done with VP Finance & HR approval. Permissions would be given to related departments such as marketing / Purchase to view the status and details only.

Plants will access the package for their day to day operations but cannot cancel /modify/ delete. It can happen with prior approval of VP-F&HR.

IT Team maintains a list of all the gadgets such as Laptops, printers, scanners, projectors, cameras, servers, desktops company is holding with make and specifications for better control.

As the plants use technologies to manufacture various products; but for the senior management nobody is allowed to carry their mobile to the shopfloors and photography and videography is totally prohibited.