Our Policy focuses on helping, guiding, motivating women team members to participate and enhance their efficiency in their areas of interest - such as Social, Educational, Economic and Psychological

Women team members are treated at par with men; we also encourage women to take up male dominated activities; such as printing, press operation etc and we have good examples to quote. By doing so we removed gender bias.

We believe a good combination of male and female team is more effective than a male only or female only teams. We also encourage women to choose their areas of interest. In our product line a blend of both genders is very essential for achieving the output / productivity.

Women team members have liberty to discuss their areas of interest with their immediate supervisor / manager or even the unit head. Certain activities continue to be female dominated - packing, cleaning, housekeeping as they have more patience and do a thorough and a good job.

These activities are handled by the Supervisors, encouraged by HOD/ Plant Heads and monitored verified by VP-Finance & HR and the Directors.