Strengths and advantages over competitors

The highest engineering standards, long lasting quality and maximum system efficiency are the basis of our excellent worldwide reputation. By investing a high percentage of our annual revenues in research, development and the continuous improvement of our products, we ensure that our systems always represent the state of the art in technology. An impressive number of long term patents testify to our high innovation rate. The technology and quality of our product are always important, of course, but the needs of our customers must always remain paramount. Most of them are looking for flexibility, user friendliness and committed service. The industry they operate in is stiffly competitive and to proper they need to increase productivity while reducing the rates and provide the ‘A’ class quality.

We often have to reach quickly to changing market demands and need to rely on a flexible packing need. Our ability to provide metal and plastic packaging specialists with solutions tailor made to their exact needs has made us the natural partner for of an increasing number of customers.

BGOC has currently 10 manufacturing units in India; it directly impacts the cost of product as well as reduces transportation time.New unit at Rohtak in Haryana exclusively to cater its customers in Northern region.